Friday, December 12, 2008

My Big Boy Turns 2

It's hard to believe that my "baby" is 2! Eli turned 2, December 6th, and we have celebrated about 15 different times for Eli's birthday since we have had family and friends come in and out of town so much. It's been a blast-- but Eli is probably in a state of confusion. When I light a candle to make the house smell good, he will now go up to the candle and start singing, "Happy Birthday to me.....". Oh well, I guess we will keep the party rolling for now because come January--it's a whole different ballgame for our little guy :o). Here our a few pics from our birthday party with Eli and our dear friends here Lindsey, Nick, and Will Pritchard and Brooke, Patrick, and Walker Ransdell. Also are pictures from Eli's birthday breakfast where Daddy made turtle pancakes especially for Eli. Eli's not shy at opening presents we have learned. Christmas should be full of entertaining moments.

Brooke and Patrick
Scott and Baby Walker
Lindsey and Baby Will

His own "power tools." He thought the drill was a hairdryer...... well-- he takes after his dad :o).

2 year old pics...

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Thanksgiving of Firsts and Lasts

Pawley's Island at Sunset Thanksgiving Day

1) My grandparents first visit to see us in Myrtle Beach. It was wonderful to see them!

2) My first attempt at cooking a Thanksgiving meal-- including dressing. Thanks for the recipe Nana!

3) My first time to be without Scott for Thanksgiving since we have been together. (he was on a basketball road trip for several days)

4) Seeing a beautiful sunset over the marsh with my family.

1) The last time I will have just one child at Thanksgiving
2) Maybe the last time I will be 8-9 months preggo on Thanksgiving (Eli- Dec 6th, Caroline, Jan 20th). If we have a 3rd, I am going to shoot for a spring/fall baby :o).
3) Hopefully the last time I have to spend the holiday without my hubby.
4) The last time I wait until the week of Thanksgiving to shop at Walmart.

Below are a few pictures from our holiday. Mom, Dad, Emily, and my grandparents were all here to celebrate with Eli and me. I am very thankful for all of our family. We are very blessed.
Thanksgiving Day- a walk on the beach...
After Thanksgiving shopping trip with the girls Building a tower with new birthday blocks from GG and Grandad
Eli when seeing the train table that Meeps and Peeps got him for his birthday... Eli telling Emily's friend Scott that he would love to come visit him in the Virgin Islands and bring his parents..... :o) Eli helping Peeps on the ladder in his big boy room.