Saturday, March 28, 2009

3's Company

Happy 3 months Caroline! Over the past month you have really become quite social, and for only 3 months old, you make great company. You have reached the most treasured of all milestones for me and daddy. SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Your first night to sleep 8 hours was March 6, 2009 and we were actually at GG and Grandad's house. It wasn't until about 2 and 1/2 weeks later that you consistently started sleeping through the night. You are definitely a morning person like me. You love to socialize over breakfast and then you like to play under your Baby Einstein gym and talk to the lady bugs and birds for a while. Now that basketball season is over, Daddy has been able to spend a lot of time with you. He loves for you to "nurse his nose" as he calls it. If you are now 18 and reading this, don't worry, it's only Eskimo kisses. Around 7 pm you like to crank it up, so we put you on your changing table and take your pants off. You really like to be naked. That's OK for now, but around 3, we are going to have to put a stop to that.... You laugh and talk a lot. Meeps and Nana think you are one of the most social babies they have ever seen. You even talked to dad on the phone for a while the other day to tell him you missed him.
Eli is wondering why you can't play with him more. He always tries to give you your paci and then kind of wop you over the head when you don't respond to him. Yes, we spank him for that, but you are definitely going to have to learn to be tough.
You make us smile constantly. We thank God for you everyday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eli's Newest Allergy......

ALABAMA. Yes, we made our first trip to Alabama a few weeks ago. What was supposed to be a week and 1/2 trip to Andalusia and Huntsville resulted in a 3 week stint with an ER visit and 3 doctors visits. The day we got to Huntsville and were about to settle down for the night, Eli trips on the hardwoods of my in-laws and we find ourselves in the ER with 400,000 other sick kids. Many germs and 6-stitches later, we finally got back to their house at midnight. That same day Eli also came down with a small fever. With his past history of febrile seizures, I of course freaked out and took him to the doctor twice. All was good, no seizures, and we are finally well. Scott flew to Alabama to come pick us up and then got sent back out to Pittsburgh. He returned to us a few days later- with our good luck- what he thought was the flu. Luckily, it was only a severe sinus infection but we stayed away from him for a while. To all of our friends that we did not get to see, we look forward to seeing you in our next visit-- assuming Eli does not have his allergic reaction again to the state. :o). Below are some of the highlights of our trip.

Howdy ya'll!!!
Daddy, it's ok, don't be scared, I'll lead you.... I know you're not really an outdoors man...

Does this thing go any faster????
This is definitely the best way to get me to stop crying GG.
Do the accountant and FIJI stand out in this picture????
When it comes to dressing Eli--- I'm not caving in to the peer pressure.A new meaning to "string" beans. Eli's beans were easily detectable at lunch.
Uncle Dave and the cuddle bug.

Andalusia's newest taxi driver.

The famous "BIA-BIA"-- (Eli's blanket)
Caroline's bunny hat looks stunning on you dad....
After a 3 year hiatus, the Easter bunny finally came to see me early in Andalusia. (He's come to my kids every year) Yo Peter, I think you are going to need to pay up in back candy.....
Please let Caroline have her brother's hair.....
Caroline, would you like to color with me?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here and Now.....

in Mrytle beach, with wet hair, in my bathrobe, thinking of all the things I need to do but instead writing a meaningless blog post, anticipating Caroline's feeding frenzy soon to come in 15 minutes, wishing Scott would give me more than a one-handed shoulder massage effort.

Pictures from the last few weeks to be posted tomorrow. Good night!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Have and to Hold

Our little girl turned 2 months old on February 24, 2009. It is amazing how in just a few short weeks so much can change. Caroline, around 6 weeks you started to coo and smile. At your 8 week appointment, you weighed 10 pounds, 7 ounces- exactly what Eli weighed at 2 weeks. You are in the 50th percentile for weight and 25th for height. I think you may be a shorty like your mommy, but hey, that works to my advantage because maybe I can borrow all of your clothes one day.
You were introduced to several other family members over the month, and Eli was very proud to show you off. Aunt Christy and Grayson came to South Carolina to see you. Grayson was mesmerized by you-- whom she calls "Carolina." She was very helpful in changing your diapers and feeding you a bottle although she couldn't understand why she could not carry you like she carries her baby dolls. Nana and Grandaddy came as well, and we then made our first trip with you to Alabama. As soon as you got in the car, you passed out asleep and you basically slept the entire trip with the exception of two feedings and diaper changes at Chik-fil-a and Burger King. Once in Alabama, you were introduced to GG and Grandad, your great-grandparents, Aunt Caylen and Uncle Dave, who flew all the way from Phoenix to meet you, Uncle Eric, and Great Grandmomma.

As your daddy and I look at you now, you remind us of how our faith should be in Christ. You totally rely on us for everything-- for nourishment, for comfort, for peace. You don't worry about tomorrow because you know that mommy and daddy will take care of you. Our prayer is that you will grow and mature in all areas of your life. However, I pray that your faith in Christ will remain as a 2 month old. I pray that you will cling to Him as you do your dad and I and that you will always seek Him to provide you with what you need. Daddy and I will sometimes fail you and not always know the best thing for you, but be certain my precious Caroline, that Jesus will not. He knows just what you need; now and forever.