Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Back!

Physically-- not mentally. It's been so busy that if I don't get with it and do laundry soon I will be forced to find my swimsuit bottoms (don't act like that hasn't happened to you..... :o). Seriously though, Scott and I just got back from a week trip to Las Vegas where I had a business trip and then we drove to the desert to see David and Caylen in Phoenix. (Las Vegas is the desert too I guess, but we were staying at the Four Seasons and were surrounded by palm trees (correction- Scott was surrounded by palm trees) so we didn't notice as much)). The day before we left, we spent our first night IN OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Whoopee!!! Love the house, not the unpacking. 5th move in 5 years-- not planning on doing it again for A LONG time!!!
We don't have Internet at the house because Comcast is incompetent and cannot tell us when they expect to come, so once the mothership is back and running I have cute pictures to post from our many events over the past few weeks. Eli went to his first Auburn game 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, the team didn't show up, but Eli was most enthused by the bucket of popcorn he ate himself, the band, and the "really big TV."
Caroline is close to walking and I am close to a mental breakdown. Not really, but it really has made me appreciate the stage where you can just set them somewhere and they don't move. She is talking and patty caking and enough of the jabber, I will post pictures of her soon.
I just wanted to give you an update. Talk soon!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Fabulous Five

Five years ago today I became an office supply necessity..... a Stapler. I love everything about being a Stapler, and I love the transformations in my life as a result of marrying Scott. For example, I have developed a strong appreciation for basketball and kicking Scott's butt in the NCAA March Madness bracket, I've become much more mellow during adversity, and I have developed a much deeper love for carbs and fine cuisine. As a result, I blame my husband for the excess dimples on my thighs. I have learned to try to take life one day at a time because the journey is never as you expected it would be. In the midst of it all, we have both seen firsthand that God always provides you with a flashlight and a navigation system so that you will never feel alone or lost for too long. I never thought that I would live 2 years of my life on the ocean far away from family, nor did I ever think that I would experience the loss that comes from losing a child in miscarriage. However, those events helped develop who we are today and definitely made us more dependent on each other and our Savior. We have had many ups, some downs, and always joy.

I am thankful to be married to someone who is so funny and quirky and paticular and easy-going. I am glad that he has taken my advice on getting rid of all of his XL shirts that went down to his knees, his $55 haircuts, and his need to get out 45 different pans when he cooks. NOW, if I could only get him to see that wearing black socks to bed is not sexy....

Thank you Scott for loving me--so good--- you are my #1 favorite, and I love you... infinity and beyond!!!