Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best of Eli

The Best "Eli Sayings" from the past year (age 2 until now-- 2/8/2010).

1) When asking Eli to help me carry a comforter to the upstairs closet, struggling, Eli yells, "Mommy, this is a REALLY big bia-bia." (what he calls his blanket).

2) On our way out to the car for Wednesday night church, Eli runs back to into the house. "Eli, what's wrong," I say. "Mommy, I have to go back and get my word of God."

3) Eli and I are heading out to Auburn for recruiting interviews I am doing for my work. Eli frantically shouts, "Oh no Mommy, turn around. I forgot my shaker....."
4) As Caroline is crawling up the stairs, "Mommy, you better get up there and spank that girl."

5) Saying his nightly prayers with Scott, " Dear God, Thank you for my food, thank you for Mommy, and Daddy, and Caroline, and thank you God for letting me tell Mommy and Daddy when Caroline is crawling up the stairs."

6) After a lesson on learning to love people but hate the devil Eli says, "Emily, I think I kinda like the devil."

7) When walking into the Five Guys Burger and Fries Eli shouts, "Oh no Meeps, where are the five guys?"

8) Every night when I tuck Eli into bed, "Mommy, wrap me around....."

9) Anytime the letter "E" appears on the tv screen, "Whoa, how did my name get in the tv?"

10) When congratulating one of Scott's boys that he works out on doing a great job in a basketball game, Eli runs up to him and says, "Johnny, great game, wanna come to my new house?"

11) On his way home from a basketball game with Scott: "Daddy, when I get bigger, I am going to do all that basketball stuff like all those big boys."

12) After playing football for the first time with another little boy and seeing a football game on tv: "Mommy, look at those boys playing football and tackling just like me and Nathan."

13) On our way out somewhere I looked in the mirror and commented how I looked really rough. Eli then says, "Mommy, you look really pretty, and I look really pretty too."

14) "Mommy, I don't feel good. My tummy hurts. I think I need some candy to help me feel better."

15) Visit with Santa Claus 2009: "Santa, I would like cars and trucks... and underwear please."

16) Auburn Fight Song: "War Eagle, fly down the hill....."

17) "I can't wear that shirt. It might make me get sick."

18) "Eli, are you going to make Meeps a Valentine after you make Peeps one?" "No, Mommy, she has already had her birthday."

19) "Mommy, you can't go outside. You're a girl and daddy and me are boys. Only boys can go."

20) Taking off his Halloween costume, his Uncle Eric makes a comment about how he likes his underwear. Eli then proceeds to pull his underwear down and says, "And you wanna see what else I got?"

21) Eating after church this past Sunday and OUT of the blue Eli says," So Daddy, how are those workouts going for you at D1?" Fine Eli, thank you. "And Mommy, how is work going for you?" Great Eli, thank you for asking. "And Mommy and Daddy, how was your class today?"

So many more I could post... but these are our favorites.