Thursday, April 29, 2010


Baby Thomas is out of surgery and it was a success. Now our focus should be prayers of healing...... yeah!!!

Update on Thomas

The surgery is underway and has been successful thus far. Minimal blood loss. Please keep praying for this baby!!! His parents are updating every few hours via his Caringbridge site (see link in post below).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prayer Warriors Needed


There is a little boy named Thomas Summers who needs your prayers. He's cuddly, he's cute, he's 6 weeks old, and ......he's going to have 1/2 his brain removed on Thursday.

His father, Stuart, is a childhood friend of my husband. Stuart and his wife Chris also have a 3 year old boy named Forest. You can go to his caringbridge site at to find out all the details and to follow Thomas' progress. There have only been about 10 surgeries of this magnitude for a child this small--- EVER. The Summers family lives in Birmingham and the surgery will take place at UAB. The surgery will be about 48 hours in total, and if he lives through the surgery, he could possibly live a normal life with the remaining half of his brain taking over the functions of the other.

To break your heart even further, let me give you some more background on this family.....

Seven years ago, Stuart's sister gave birth to a beautiful little boy. All was joyous until several hours later Christy began having some complications. 24 hours after the birth of her son, she was dead from toxic poisoning. (this happens VERY rarely). Fast forward to last week. Stuart's mother and father found out about Thomas' condition and started the drive from Huntsville to Birmingham to see the baby. Mrs. Dot began developing a bad headache and they turned around and went to the hospital. Her blood pressure had sky-rocketed, causing a stroke, and she was hospitalized until yesterday. Scott and I visited with her in the hospital and she seems to be better and in good spirits.

Needless to say, this family has been broken. This family needs a miracle. Please pray for one this Thursday.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Doing Our Thing

We eat sand. We play in dirt. We make silly faces. It's everyday life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm making progress. 2 new posts below. 2 more to go....

How Big is Eli?

Well, apparently not that big...... We visited the Montgomery Zoo with Meeps and Peeps the end of March, and both Eli and Caroline felt right at home. Caroline's favorite thing to do is growl, so she fit right in with the the tigers, and Eli likes to act silly, so he was most at home with the chimpanzees. Honestly, they were both great and were entertained the entire time we were there. It had been almost a year (wow) since we took them to the Columbia Zoo, and this trip he was interested in actually learning about the animals and their habitats. So, if you want to know the fastest animal on the earth, just give Eli a call....

Beautiful Day

Easter Sunday. A day to forget about Obama-care. A day to celebrate. A day to remember that the government will not have the ultimate victory because HE arose! The battle has already been won, and I am thankful to be on the winning side.

Beautiful hair :o), beautiful smiles, a beautiful day.