Saturday, June 19, 2010


Smoky Mountain Trip 2010: Always" smokin: when you have the whole Kyle clan together- or when you have Scott in the kitchen who graciously won the record for setting the fire alarm off the most number of times. We started our summer off with a wonderful vacation with the fam. Thanks Mom and Dad for lots of memories! Caylen: enjoy the Golden Spatula while you can. It will soon be whisked away......
Abram Falls- and forget about a good family photo after a 2.5 mile hike up....
My favorite little boy

My favorite big boy

1st day of make-up

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty." Now... giddy up.... (Dollywood)

Seriously, does this quack go any faster????

Sisterly love


Lovin some Emmy

Caroline, I would be scared too....

We made it!!



The Chimney's

Cookies.... I see cookies....

Oh yeah... who just hiked 5 miles.....
Watch out lady friends...

Cold daddy.

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Kristy said...

These are great pictures of your beautiful family. I LOVE your idea of making a vacation blog book.