Saturday, July 24, 2010

Forever Friends

Summer 2010 has been both hot and refreshing.Neither the 100 degree heat or Eli's broken elbow has kept us from enjoying spending time together as a family, or spending time with great friends. Eli's cast comes off on Thursday and from July 29 until August 31st, we will then be spending everyday at the pool (or so I have promised Eli). Some of the most memorable moments of the spring and summer have been visits with longtime friends. I am blessed to have childhood and college friends as some of my closest friends on earth, and it is exciting to be able to share motherhood with them as well.
My college roommates my senior year at Auburn (Mary, Kimper and Sarah missing). This was our 2nd year to all get together and this year I hosted. 10 days later and I am still finding pieces of hotdog around my house :). Between the 6 of us, we have 11 kids under the age of 5 and Ansley Caroline in utero!

Addison Crawford and Caroline who won the prize for drinking the most juice boxes. Automatic playmates... Our visit to see Kristin's new baby girl, Lillie Mathis
Eli and Carter Brown giving each other some brotherly love.
Eli and Rylee Reynolds.... gotta love a girl with a John Deere.
Caroline and Kade Reynolds Howdy Partner!

Caroline's LOVES to give Jackson Gibson bear hugs. I don't think Jackson loves it quite as much as she does.

The Stone's lakehouse with Lillie and Jackson Gibson and Robert and Olivia Stone. Pool.... here we come again!!!!!!!

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